Monday, August 1, 2011

Make Your Own iPhone Apps


  • You will receive a completely functional ebook app (xcode script).  This app features native support for both the iPhone and iPad devices.
  • As with all iPhone apps, it is written in xcode and you need to have an Apple developer account or have access to a developer to add your content, customize and publish your work on the App Store.
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Making & Marketing your own iPhone Apps

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Creating Animated .gif With GIF SHOP

GIF SHOP is an animated .gif maker that makes it really easy to make your own aimated .gif pictures.Just tap the screen to capture a frame, and do that as many times as you like. Then preview and adjust the speed untill you're satesfied with the result.
It's really fun to mess around with and probably make some great and creative animated pictures.

Above is a simple animated .gif that I made when I was checking this app out. It's really easy to use and it's capable of creating amazing results. I've tried some stop motion apps before and I think GIF SHOP is the best in that category.

Download GIF SHOP

Game Dev Story - Manage Your Own Games Studio

Game Dev Story is one of the best iPhone games available! It's really addicting and fun, but I don't know why it's not very well-known like other games.

You start the game by making your own video games studio. The game lasts for 10 years (in game time), you can continue after that however, there won't be anything new to unlock or achieve!
The main goal of this game is to keep making new and better games, win awards and achieve high sales. But doing so is not easy! You have to always hire better employees, make money by doing contracts, match the right combination of genre, type and platform. After earning enough money and reputation you can move to a better studio and after that you can even make your own gaming console.

There are lots of other stuff to do and I'm sure it'll keep you busy for hours!

Download Game Dev Story

Not sure? Download the lite version to try the game.

Magic Hour!

Magic hour is great and easy to use photo editing app. It offers lots of amazing filters that will help you make astonishing photos! You can edit and change the pre-installed filters, make your own filters, then upload it to the Filter Market and share it with other users and can also download unlimited user-created filters!
For just $1.99 Magic Hour offers lots of features and it gives the user more freedom and creativity.  With the Filter Market this app differs than the others where you can get so much more than just the app itself.

Not sure? You can try the free version. (Filter Market & some features are only available in the paid version).


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